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January 12, 2015

Day 2 of Weight Watchers

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I’ve decided to return to Weight Watchers, after a long break from them. I have tried other diets since my last attempt – Atkins, Dukkan, South Beach, 5:2, Slimming World; but the one I’v e had the greatest success with has been Weight Watchers. So I’m doing the ProPoint thingy again.

Munkie has joined me in this, and he’s a bit taken aback at the points restrictions – he’ll have to give up his beloved juices.

I think, for the most part, we’ll be okay. As long as we eat good wholesome food without too much processing we should be fine. Oh and fill up on the vegetables.

But this morning I am hungry .. I went to bed slightly hungry as well. I realised last night that I have gotten accustomed to bringing a small snack with me to bed, to nibble on whilst reading for a little while. I’m used to just grazing during the day – this will take some time, learning how to eat at set times of the day and use vegetables as my “crutch” if I need to nibble.


October 4, 2010

Jenny Craig

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I have been on Jenny Craig since late April of this year, 2010. I’ve had my ups & downs with it but for the most part I have been successful.

The one thing I like about is that there is a personal consultant – granted she isn’t a dietician/nutritionist, but I like the fact that I can talk to someone when I go in for my weekly weigh-ins. And unlike Herbal Magic, there is no hard sell for any JC products. When I joined they loaded me up with all sorts of paraphenalia to help me get started – a book on Volumetrics (their portion control guide), guides on how to deal with restaurant dining, ideas of how to slowly incorporate exercise into one’s daily life, and some cute items like a thermal bag perfect for picnics and whatnot.

I like the JC experience, except for one thing. The cost. It’s costing me about $140-150 per week on food. I can’t afford that. I live alone, so my weekly grocery cost should be no more than $40-60 per week. So though I love JC I will have to step back and try to go it alone.

I have spoken to a co-worker, who is on Weight Watchers, about my decision. We have been “diet buddies” at work, supporting each other when it comes to salad ideas, and trying to fight the myriad temptations at work (cakes, bagels, muffins, doughnuts, candy etc). One of things we both like about our respective programmes is that once a week we are accountable to someone. And let me tell you, having someone to answer to is a wonderful motivator. So my co-worker has promised to check in with me once a week to see how I am doing, and I shall do the same with her.

Having the incentive of someone watching my progress is wonderful.

April 29, 2009

Back at it again

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I visited a Jenny Craig office to see if I could kick-start my goal of losing weight. Booked an appointment, met with a councillor and the end result was that I did not sign up with Jenny Craig.

I have been struggling with my weight for years and have tried various diets out there. I even tried Weight Watchers, but that fell to the side since my diet buddy couldn’t go to the meetings anymore. I need to lose weight, and not just because I want to look fabulous.. I am under orders to lose atleast 50lbs. So, this means I need help – ergo the visit to Jenny Craig.

One of the fabulous things about Jenny Craig is that the meals, for the most part, are already prepared. This is good for me, as it means I wouldn’t have to spend time figuring out how to reduce a recipe for 4 servings down to one serving. And as I sometimes don’t get home til late, it would be nice to have something I can pop into the microwave for a couple of minutes.

I can’t do Jenny Craig because of one really big reason – I am lactose intolerant, and for some unspeakable reason the company includes milk/butter in every dish…even chinese dishes like Chicken Chow Mein. I found that odd since most chinese dishes do not have any smidge of dairy in them. There are not enough food choices within Jenny Craig for me to feel anything but deprived. I am happy to say that atleast there wasn’t a hard sell and even though I am one less person they can milk for cash, they were honest about it.

So, what to do? I wandered over to an Indigo and was looking at diet guides/books. I have been down this road and there, in the middle of the diet book aisle I decided I would do a modified South Beach Diet. I say modified in that I am low-carbing it, to some extent, but nothing to the extreme that the first phase of SBD is nor Atkins. I eat carbs, but the carbs are found in vegetables like carrots, corn, potatoes and fruits like bananas.

I have also revved up my exercise regime. I walked home yesterday from work, and this morning I walked to work.

Unlike my prior posts I don’t intend on listing my food items, but instead will focus more on my emotional responses to what I am eating, how I’m exercising, and if I feel buoyed or not on any given day.

Today I feel good. This is the second day of my “new” diet and so far I feel extremely good. My toes ache a little, but that’s cos of the increased physical activity – I’ve gots good walking shoes. My trousers feel a little looser, but that could be wishful thinking or the trousers have stretched.

October 10, 2008

Aug 16th – after the WW meeting

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WW was quite successful, but I didn’t have breakfast before the meeting (I can’t eat that early in the morning) so my food intake for Saturday was a little off compared to the weekdays.

Breakfast (at the Purple Onion with Lyds and Andrew) – 2 eggs overeasy, 2 slices of whole wheat toast, 1c hash brown/potatoes, 6oz steak – 23 points

Lunch – 1c corn bran squares, 1c 2% milk – 5 points

Dinner – 85g whole wheat pasta, 1/4c sauce, 3oz lean ground beef, mushrooms, 1tsp oil, 1oz shredded old chedder – 15 points

I ended up using 10 of my “extra 35 points”, 25 remain.

wonderful recipe – cellophane noodles with pork

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At my last WW meeting Lyds suggested I post the recipe of a dish which I credit with my 4.6lb one week loss.

This recipe will produce what WW calls 4 portions, but since the points value is quite low I double up on the portions for eating at a single meal. Each portion is 4 points, but even at 8 points if you eat 2 portions that is a very reasonable amount of points for a single meal.

  • 200g ground lean pork (I’ve tried it with chicken and it works just as well)
  • 6 spring onions
  • 4oz chopped mushrooms
  • 1tbsp low sodium soya sauce – I use kikkoman (sp?) as I find the flavour quite pleasant
  • 1tbsp crushed ginger
  • 4 chopped cloves of garlic
  • 1/3c low sodium chicken stock
  • half a pack of cellophane noodles or asian rice noodles – about 2oz (they are extremely light so it is a fair bit)
  • 1tsp oil

Boil some water and then pour over the noodles – the noodles, much like couscous will “cook” while you are preparing everything else.

Fry the pork, the spring onions (finely chopped) along with the garlic & ginger. Add the soya sauce when the pork is nearly cooked through. Add in the chicken stock and then the noodles. Mix together and let it cook gently until all the liquid is absorbed by the noodles.


Where this recipe varies from the WW recipe is that I don’t add in hoisin sauce, I find that the flavour is just as excellent without it. The original WW recipe doesn’t include mushrooms, but I love ‘shrooms and I just needed to include them. Bulks up the recipe and they have virtually no points. As I mentioned, officially this serves 4 portions. But when I get home at night and I’m quite hungry I can eat 2 portions at once. Comes out to 8  points and it’s fabulous. Takes hardly any time to prepare, at the most 20 minutes, and is a great way to create a lovely meal really quickly.

October 4, 2008

Dropped 4.6lbs

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…so far 11.4lbs. I was having a hard time and had actually gone up for 3 weeks in a row, but I stuck to it and this week I saw results. Lyds has suggested I post the recipe for Cellophane Noodles w/ Pork which has been a godsend for me.

I stuck to it and refocussed my energies and the result has been that I have broken the 10lb barrier. My next goal is to break the 15lb barrier – small goals, that’s why I am looking at this, achieving small goals/milestones is the best way to focus on my overall need to lose nearly 100lbs.

October 1, 2008

September 30th

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Breakfast – nature valley cereal 1.5 & 2% milk 1.5c – 9.5 points

Lunch – chicken breast with skin & frozen veggies – 6 points

Snack – Cadbury Thin – 2 points

Dinner – Cellphane noodles w/ pork (WW recipe) 2c – 8 points

Snack – 1oz cheddar cheese – 3 points

Total 28.5 points

September 30, 2008

September 29th

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I haven’t blogged in a month, and I have no excuse for it. I do plan on being more dedicated towards jotting down my points consumption.


Breakfast: 1.5c corn bran squares, 1.5c 2% milk – 7.5 points

Lunch: 1 chicken breast w skin, 2c steamed broccoli – 5 points

Snack: Cadbury Thins – 2 points

Dinner: Cellophane Noodles & Pork (WW Recipe) 2c – 8 points

Snack: 1oz cheddar – 3 points

Total Points: 25 points

This is a tad low and I need to work on introducing a few more munchies in my day. I should be aiming for 30 points per day. In the meanwhile I have re-started walking to work and managed to do 2km today in one direction.

August 25, 2008

Weekend of August 23&24

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Woohoo! I lost another 3.4lbs, making the total 8.2lbs. I keep telling myself this is to the good, I need to lose the weight so that the hell I went through last year for the surgery will be all worth it. So I do have a long-term goal as WW suggests. My short-term goal right now is to lose another 5-10 pounds before my trip to England on September 13th. Not sure if I can make it, but I am focussed and journaling daily (even if I don’t update this blog daily).

August 23rd (weigh-in day)

I have to admit, I don’t eat before the weigh-in as I just feel a little too queasy in the mornings to eat that early. I was hungry and Lydia came with a little baggie of caramel rice cakes, to the meeting.

I ate:

1 rice cake – 1 point

Breakfast/Lunch – 3 egg omlette (I’m assuming it was 3 eggs as it was fairly large at the restaurant I went to with Lydia and Puck) with veggies, 2 pita quarters and I’m assuming 2 tsp of oil – 8 points

Snack/Drink at the Comic Exp – 500ml of a strawberry smoothie (not sure of the exact points so I’m going to overestimate to be safe) – 5 points

Dinner – went to Fran’s and had the Sheppard’s Pie – 2 cups of it – 20 points

Used 6 of my extra 35 points, down to 29

August 24

I woke up super late, around 11:45am so I mostly grazed through the day.


2c corn bran squares, 1 1/2c 2% milk – 8 points


3 slices rye bread, 3 tsp margarine – 9 points


85oz whole wheat pasta, 1/4c crushed tomatoes, mushrooms/greenpeppers/onion, 3oz ground pork, 1oz old cheddar, 1 tsp oil (for the cooking) – 13 points

I point under my daily 31. Still have my 29 extra points, if I choose to use them.

August 20, 2008

August 19th

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Oh the insanity. I haven’t eaten all my points, but I’m feeling quite full nevertheless.

Breakfast – I poached 2 large eggs (I tried my little microwave poacher), and half the flax seed bagel – 7 points

Lunch – 3oz pork, 1c mushroom/onion/green pepper, 1/2c potato, 1c cauliflower, 1tsp oil – 8 points

Dinner – (I didn’t use pasta sauce this time but instead crushed tomatoes, which has lowered the point value of my dinner) 85g whole wheat pasta, 3oz lean ground pork, 1c mushroom/onions, 1/4c crushed tomatoes, 1tsp oil – 10 points

Snack – 2 slices of high fibre no sugar added bread, 2 tsp margarine (yes, I measured it) – 4 points

Total of 29 points

I had a little walk this evening after work before hitting Dominion for a spot of grocery shopping. The walk wasn’t major, just about 20 minutes, but nevetheless it was some movement for the old joints.

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